Download And Install : Basic

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Download And Install : Basic

Step 1: Downloading

Obviously! First step is to download xEpan from Downloading may require you to subscribe first. This is not to spam you but its essential as xepan is a non trivial system and need you our guidance from time to time. To better to subscribe and download.

Step 2: Extracting

Once downloaded, extract the zip into your web root folder. On windows if you are running Xampp it should be C:/xampp/htdocs and for linux it should be /var/www if you are running lamp stack. Rename the new folder to your project name. Here we will say it project_root folder.

Step 3: (Write Permission - Linux only)

This is special step for permission based system. You have to give write permission to your new folder. This is required as installer will need permission to write final configuration file.

Step 4: Database Creation

BEFORE INSTALLING, you need to create a database in MySQL.

Step 5: Installing

Installing is as easy as accessing your new project from web browser. so open browser and type

http://localhost/project_root  (Or your way to access your site)

Trouble Shoot

About Installer

Installer should be self explanatory. Just follow the steps and xEpan should be installed.
Email Settings and Company Details: For your first installation you can easily skip the process, you can change them anytime later.

Accessing Admin

When installer finishes it gives you option to go to admin or site but any time you can access admin by following url

Date: 2014-10-12